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AK9BBS strives to maintain the highest success rate in detecting bed bugs here in the Denver area. We provide thorough bed bug detection services for homeowners, businesses, real estate professionals, and more. Our services maintain a high level of quality, professionalism, and success. Bed bug dogs are reliable professionals in seeking out these bugs on every surface, and Tracker has proven to be intelligent and accurate at his work. We want to ensure that our clients are given the right support and information to quickly handle bed bug invasions before they become infestations.

Accuracy and efficiency are essential in detecting small problems early on. This may help to prevent the spread of bed bugs across different floors of the property. Apartment tenants and hotel guests alike can bring these pests into their home. If you live in the Denver area, it’s important to understand that bed bug infestations are much more common in the city (the fifth most infested city in the country, per a local news channel).

Are Bed Bugs a Serious Problem?

Bed bug infestations can prove to be a major nuisance. It’s important to remember that bed bugs do not cause any serious problems, but for some individuals, the effects of this infestation can prove to be troublesome.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlights some of the dangers posed by bed bugs. An infestation can generate a number of concerns associated with living with the effects and stigma of bed bugs. A few health concerns include:

  • Allergic reactions — While rarely resulting in serious cases, bed bug bites can result in an allergic reaction. If you notice a painful sensation in the bite mark or hives and blisters, it is recommended to see a professional.
  • Secondary issues — An infection from bed bug bites is possible. This can result in dry skin, as well as more serious issues such as ecthyma, skin infections, and other secondary complications.
  • Increased stress — Knowing that your home or business is full of bugs can generate a lot of anxiety. Early detection may help to reduce the stress and reputation risks associated with bed bug problems.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Our Denver bed bug dog team focuses on finding live bugs and their eggs, confirming that your guests are an active problem before continuing further. One common problem we see on a daily basis is the misidentification of the pest present. If you’re worried that you have bed bugs in your Denver property, it helps to properly assess the problem before calling for assistance.

Proper identification of bed bugs can help you start on the right foot. If you’re considering bed bug detection services, then it can help to assess what you are dealing with. Keep a lookout for bugs that are:

  • Brown in color. Babies will be fairly translucent while adults tend to be a reddish brown color. Nymphs will have a red abdomen after feeding, which eventually fades to brown and black as the blood is digested. Once bed bugs molt, they become darker in color.
  • Small in size. Bed bugs can vary in size based on their point in the life cycle, but remember that these pests are pretty small. Nymphs can range between two and five millimeters in length while adults can grow up to the size of an apple seed. They’re tiny, but you should be able to see the adults with your naked eyes!
  • Flat and oval-shaped. Adult bed bugs are easier to identify, featuring an oval body, flat profile, two antennae, and six legs.

Likely Hiding Places

As much as you don’t want to think about it, it is important to consider where you are most likely to find bed bugs in your home or business. These pests love to hide in cluttered areas and tend to live within close proximity to where humans sleep. Bed bugs tend to stay within a few feet of your bed, which can include the headboard, footboard, bed frame, night stand, mattress, and so on. It’s important to keep an eye out in vicinities where humans like to spend a lot of their time, such as the living room. Bed bugs are flat-bodied enough to fit in outlets, window frames, floor molding, and a variety of other small crevices within the home.

If you suspect you have an invasion on your hands, it is essential to acquire professional bed bug detection services. Residents are often surprised to learn how easily bed bugs can hitch a ride into a clean facility. Before you come home from traveling through high-density areas (hotels, airports), it can prove beneficial to check all of your clothes and bags first. Suitcases, jackets, and other possessions may carry a stowaway. We recommend checking your inventory before you walk through the door.

Bed Bugs — Are They Dangerous?

One question we receive a lot at Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers is whether or not bed bugs are dangerous. In most cases, the answer is no, bed bugs are not a danger. These insects are despised because they bite humans and animals in order to feed. What’s left behind is a small, red bump that can be itchy or otherwise irritating. In most cases, the physical danger is nothing more than annoying bite marks, unless an individual has an allergic reaction. Studies have also shown that bed bugs are capable of transmitting the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which can result in Chagas disease. This illness is much more common south of the states but can prove dangerous if left untreated.

The biggest danger of bed bugs is mental illness. The anxiety and depression associated with a bed bug infestation can be enough to break the strongest individuals down. Ongoing bed bug problems only make the problem worse, increasing the stress and stigma experienced on a daily basis. Oftentimes, these mental concerns subside once the bed bugs are removed. Scientists believe that this discomfort is a natural response when exposed to stress-inducing stimuli. Highly emotional responses can range from insomnia to completely cleaning out the home. We know that this experience is stressful, which is why our Denver bed bug dog is happy to come and provide some peace of mind!

Bed Bug Inspections for Every Need

Regardless of your needs, AK9BBS is here to provide complete peace of mind. Our bed bug detection services are fast, accurate, and discreet. We know that the presence of bed bugs can be very unsettling, and our team will arrive ready to get to work.

  • Residential homeowners and renters — Anyone can become a victim of bed bugs. If you’re worried about the presence of bugs in your home, it can help to achieve peace of mind and a game plan moving forward.
  • Commercial and hospitality facilities — Hospitals, daycares, assisted living facilities, and other businesses run the risk of bed bug infestations. The high amount of traffic may expose individuals to these bugs, which is why we offer quick and quiet services. We’ll provide an inspection to keep your property clean and offer advice to quickly remediate any problems.
  • Property managers and real estate professionals — Apartment complexes and condominiums are commonplace across the Mile High City. Our bed bug dog can provide detection services between tenants to ensure your property is clean before bringing in new residents.
  • Preventative package plans — Customers who have to deal with a high exposure rate can benefit from our preventative searches. Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers offers routine searches through one of three quality packages. You can benefit from normal bed bug detection services and a discounted hourly rate.

Versatility is key when it comes to dynamic bed bug inspections. Our bed bug finders will be happy to speak with you about how to proceed if you suspect a bed bug invasion. 

I Have Bed Bugs — Now What?

Nobody ever truly thinks about bed bugs until they suspect a problem. This new reality shift can be quite stressful for most Coloradans, as this pest can disrupt all of your routine activities. If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home or business, there are certain things you should and should not do:

Do not:

  • Panic. This problem can be treated, and stressing out will only make matters worse. Call for professional help, and be sure to keep calm! 
  • Use pesticides. Many people have asked about the use of outdoor pesticides, and these tend not to work. Even worse, you and your loved ones may become sick after being exposed to these chemicals in an interior environment.
  • Deploy homemade solutions. We all fancy ourselves scientists, yet creating your own anti-bed bug mixture can be dangerous. Plus, it may not even affect the bugs!
  • Move from room to room. Staying in a clean room may sound smart, but these bugs will likely follow you and spread the infestation. The same is true for furniture!
  • Throw everything away. Unless you throw out everything you own, chucking infested items will not help. You may still have bed bugs in your place, but now you also need to pay for new possessions.


  • Identify the bug. Use our information above to determine if you are dealing with bed bugs or another pest.
  • Stay calm. Before you panic, we recommend taking a minute to calm down and check the rest of your home.
  • Call our bed bug team. The best way to proceed is to certify that you are dealing with bed bugs. Our dog, Tracker, will provide a quality inspection on the premises.

If we detect bed bugs on your property, we will follow up with resources and education on how to take care of the problem. 

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