Versatile Bed Bug Inspections

Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers is proud to offer Top Rated® Local bed bug detection services across Denver. We understand the importance of quick action and a professional response to protect your company’s image. Regardless of the cleanliness or organization of your building, bed bugs can still invade!

Advanced K9 customers love the affordability and comprehensiveness of our Certified K9 Clean program. Our bed bug detection services are fast, discreet, and reliable, providing your business with assurance that you can operate without compromising guest safety or your reputation. Program members benefit from routine bed bug inspections scheduled at agreed intervals, as well as rapid on-call services in the case of a reported sighting. If someone has reported a bed bug on your premises, it is essential to take quick action!

Our nationally certified dogs are busy searching for bed bugs every day. A few of our satisfied program members include:

  • Landlords (clearing property between tenants)
  • Office buildings
  • Moving trucks
  • Furniture warehouses
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Hotels and vacation rentals
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals and medical offices
  • Firehouses
  • Public transportation, including Uber and Lyft

Certified Clean Results

We offer the highest success rate for detecting the signs of live bed bugs and their eggs. Our bed bug dog will comprehensively check your building or vehicle, inspecting all spots known to harbor these invasive pests. Browse our site to learn more about our services and the quality behind our work. If you would like to learn more about our Certified Clean program, please contact us today for assistance!