Hotels, assisted living facilities, hospitals, daycare centers, movie theaters, department stores, libraries, etc. are at high risk for bed bug exposure because of the amount of people frequently coming and going. With K9 bed bug detection, property owners can detect the problem and remediate it quickly and quietly.

Our bed bug detection pros understand that discretion is essential for keeping your facility clean and sanitary at all times, and our team will work with you to deliver fast, accurate results. Contact us online or fill out the form below to get started!

Bed Bug Detection for Denver Hotels

Your establishment relies on cleanliness and professionalism to provide comfort to your guests. Dealing with bed bugs in a hotel can be a damaging process, as guest experiences begin to harm the quality behind your reputation. Your business will face financial issues, such as full refunds for affected guests, bills for their travel and medical treatment, and more. It pays to be proactive, which is why professionals often turn to our bed bug dogs for fast and discreet results.

An ideal way to prevent the spread of a large infestation is to stop it early on, saving your business from excess time, money, stress, and reputation damage associated with bed bug bites. Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers offers preventative packages and customizable plans to help hotels across the Denver area detect bed bug problems before they worsen into major issues. Our canines offer a high success rate for the presence of live bugs and their eggs, providing actionable information for your hotel. 

Bed Bug Inspections are More Essential Than Ever

During the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are dedicating a lot of their time and resources into creating the most sanitary conditions for their guests. In many cases, this may include sanitation efforts for a certain number of rooms, creating new operating procedures which may leave hotels more prone to miss or delay inspections on vacant spaces. In higher-risk situations, it’s important to remember that bed bugs can quickly travel and multiply across your hotel. One pregnant female has the capacity to create more than 400 bed bugs per day, with the potential for a small problem to turn into a major infestation after only a few weeks’ time.

Your efforts are applauded during this pandemic, and our bed bug inspection team is ready to provide peace of mind for any situation involving bed bug problems. Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers can quickly inspect any area of concern on your property, including walls, floors, baseboards, outlets, and beds. Our bed bug dogs, Tracker and Scout, are trained to detect signs of an infestation with a high degree of accuracy.

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When you suspect a bed bug infestation developing in your hotel, it is vital to take quick action and minimize the consequences. There is no way to truly prevent bed bugs from coming into your hotel, but if they do arrive, the responsibility will be on you to take action and save as much money and reputation as possible, and prevent a bigger headache later on.

We offer a range of bed bug programs to benefit landlords, hotels, vacation rentals, public transportation (including Uber and Lyft), and more. You can sign up for bed bug services at regular intervals, where our nationally certified dogs and trainers will provide an expedient inspection and furnish a certificate of cleanliness. If bed bugs are detected, we will provide you with resources and referrals to make the best decision moving forward.

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