Because bed bug infestations have grown by more than 500 percent in the last three years, the issue of mitigating them has also increased. Bed bugs are quickly evolving to become immune to chemical treatments, making the task of eradicating them more and more difficult. Heat treatment is the best modality for eliminating these troublesome pests. However, if not done thoroughly and correctly, bugs are able to crawl deep into walls, floors, and other crevices and hide out. Therefore, clients are finding that a few weeks or months after a chemical or heat bed bug treatment is completed, the bugs are back. It can be difficult to determine if they were never fully exterminated to begin with, or if this is a new infestation.

By having a bed bug detection dog come in post-treatment, clients will know whether live bugs are still present. If bugs are still present, clients can activate their warranty with the mitigation company. If not present, the client will know that if the bugs return, which can help property owners and pest control companies determine how the bugs are gaining access. This service benefits both the mitigation company and the client.

K9 bed bug detection can also be done as a preventative service. Because bed bugs have become such a growing issue, many people are nervous to get them in their belongings when traveling. Hotels, assisted living facilities, apartment complexes, etc. can subscribe to a monthly membership with our team to have Tracker come and search each room. If bugs are present, the client can isolate the issue and get it resolved in a timely fashion, before it is a full-blown infestation. Hotels will be able to advertise that they are using preventative measures to ensure there are no bed bugs within their facilities. This will give travelers peace of mind, thus increasing their likelihood to stay at the hotel.