1. Bed Bugs, or a Different Pest?

    When you find a small bug in your home, especially anywhere near your bed, panic may set in as you wonder if you have a bed bug problem. While bed bug infestations are increasing at alarming rates, not every small insect you see is likely to be a bed bug. In fact, there are several insects that are …Read More

  2. Bed Bug Bites Are A Pain

    When you discover that you have been bit by a bug in the comfort of your own home, you may have a moment of panic as you contemplate what type of pest bit you. That panic can quickly turn to horror if you think that the culprit could be bed bugs, and you may be left scrambling for a solution. Today,…Read More

  3. Bed Bugs and Your Health

    For many homeowners, the thought of any pest in their home is enough to make their skin crawl. Bed bugs, however, have a unique reputation in the world of pests, and dealing with an infestation can also lead to certain health risks for some people. In today’s blog, we’ll review four of the most …Read More

  4. I’ve Found a Bed Bug! Now What?

    If you’ve ever found a bed bug inside of your home, you might have had a moment of panic as you looked around the room, wondering if there were more of them lurking about. You might have also immediately looked online to research these pests, assess the seriousness of them, and review available tr…Read More

  5. How Can I Locate Bed Bugs in My Home?

    Contrary to what many people think, bed bugs can be found virtually anywhere. From homes and offices to hotels, daycares, taxi cabs and other places, bed bugs are very effective hitchhikers and are easily transported from one place to another. We are often asked by customers where bed bugs like to h…Read More