1. Why Trust a Dog for Bed Bug Detection?

    Bed bugs are a nuisance. Not only do these invasive critters invade homes and businesses in order to feed on individuals, but they are also incredibly elusive. Many home and business owners across the Front Range struggle in identifying a bed bug infestation, in some cases gaining confirmation only …Read More

  2. Favorite Bed Bug Hiding Spots

    When we first arrive on site and begin checking for bed bugs, one of the questions that property owners frequently ask is, “Where do bed bugs like to hide?” As you might expect, there are many places in your home or commercial building that make perfect hiding spots for these little pests, and i…Read More

  3. Five Signs of High-Quality Bed Bug Detection

    When you’re concerned that you have bed bugs in your residential or commercial property, you understandably want the best bed bug detection services possible to give you the peace of mind you deserve. If you’re unsure what the signs of bed bugs are, or if you’ve never had to hire a professiona…Read More

  4. I’ve Found a Bed Bug! Now What?

    If you’ve ever found a bed bug inside of your home, you might have had a moment of panic as you looked around the room, wondering if there were more of them lurking about. You might have also immediately looked online to research these pests, assess the seriousness of them, and review available tr…Read More

  5. How Can I Locate Bed Bugs in My Home?

    Contrary to what many people think, bed bugs can be found virtually anywhere. From homes and offices to hotels, daycares, taxi cabs and other places, bed bugs are very effective hitchhikers and are easily transported from one place to another. We are often asked by customers where bed bugs like to h…Read More