1. Why Your Hospitality Business Needs K9 Bed Bug Detection Services

    When you own a business in the hospitality industry, your livelihood depends on providing people with a clean, comfortable environment in which they can rest and relax. Experiencing an untimely bed bug infestation can be catastrophic to your reputation, causing you to lose both customers and profits…Read More

  2. The Hidden Costs of Commercial Bed Bug Infestations

    Running a business is no small feat, and business owners have a lot of responsibilities to ensure their operations are productive and efficient. An untimely bed bug infestation can bring everything to a screeching halt, and there can be more expenses associated with a commercial infestation than mee…Read More

  3. Bed Bugs, or a Different Pest?

    When you find a small bug in your home, especially anywhere near your bed, panic may set in as you wonder if you have a bed bug problem. While bed bug infestations are increasing at alarming rates, not every small insect you see is likely to be a bed bug. In fact, there are several insects that are …Read More